Saturday, August 22, 2009

...and a river runs through it.

Well, a stream, actually. Big Sugar Creek, to be more precise.

Wanderlust struck, reinforced by logic. Huh? School has just started, people are reeling from back-to-school expenses and are saving for that last Labor Day fling. What better time to go canoe floating? With Friday off work, a fresh pay day, and a beautiful weather forecast, it's the only logical thing to do. There had been some recent heavy rains in the area, and Larry felt that the rivers would be muddy. I have to bow to the expertise of anyone whose sender name on his email that he never checks is "River rat." Seriously, would you open an email from that moniker? We checked out a river or two anyway, and, yep--muddy. Then, a mere two hours from home, we found Canoe Sugar Island (CSI--what a catchy name!). There were several full-time campers parked there, but with the exception of the owner's son, who claimed illness and a need to get someone else to drive us to a launching point, there were no other canoers. Yea!! Private canoeing! It's not often you get the water to yourself unless heavy duty protective gear and a foolhardy nature are required. The water was crystal clear and the weather was absolutely beautiful!

Larry caught a few small mouth bass, and we saw a groundhog and these horses. Wonder why they don't wander off. The water is shallow and we never saw any fencing. I've had to take a four-wheeler to round-up goofy Dezi when he has gotten the urge to explore. What keeps these critters contained?
After about five glorious hours on the water with only one very short portage, we returned to camp. And some moron was using a leaf blower around his trailer. Really! Who takes a leaf blower to "get away from it all"? Obviously at least one guy does. We moved to a more remote campsite, easy to do with a motor home. We sat out listening to the water 'til dark, had a good night's sleep, and came home to take care of animals. Great outdoor adventures close by!
Next adventure? As soon as I post this, I'm getting out a four-wheeler and going thistle hunting! Despite my careful cultivation and subsequent destruction of 6' tall, tiny blooming velvetleaf plants, I am no lover of noxious weeds. Thistles are starting to bloom, and we get rid of them before they go to seed. Thistles and red cedars don't feed anything, so they are just taking up space--gotta go!