Monday, June 22, 2009

Officially Summer

Summer and Father's Day arrived on the same day. Brian and the boys came out for some "guy" activity. A new .22 rifle had to be sighted in. Larry insists that only two shots needed to be fired in order to sight in the gun, but, hey, it's a .22-- cheap bullets! What about the fun factor? Fire two shots or shoot the heck out of a cardboard box? No contest.

When Brian finished throwing bullets, Gage helped me bring the ponies back in from grazing. I lead the biggest one, and the two smaller ones generally follow. Sometimes the smallest, Dezi, needs a bit of encouragement to come in. Enter boy on four-wheeler from the rear. Fun for all! Well, not so much for Dezi. Next, time to go fishing at a nearby farm pond, clearly more enticing than fishing in our pond. Larry's job was to take photos. Maybe photographer school would be a good idea. Everybody caught something, but Lane caught the only turtle. They had fun anyway, despite the heat.

It has been a tough season for gardening so far. The spring was so wet! When I managed to find some time when the garden wasn't too wet to plant, I would get a few seeds in; then a downpour would come and beat down any seedlings or wash out any seeds. A neighbor brought over a few squash and cucumbers, but we haven't gotten anything out of our garden yet. I finally have a place in the backyard to plant flowers. You wouldn't think that would be a problem with ownership of 33 acres. That would not take into consideration the goats, chickens and assorted wildlife. I now have an area surrounded by cattle panels and chickenwire. Eventually I hope to cover the less than attractive fencing with greenery. This year, though, I put out a few bedding plants. I also got a box of hummingbird mix seeds. Attract hummingbirds! Sounds good, right? Well, I cleared an area and broadcast the seed. Soon there were all sorts of things germinating. Problem... no indication of what was coming up from the broadcast seed and what was just coming up on its own. Soooo.... the only difference between a flower and a weed is cultivation, right? Right??? Maybe not. Some plants seemed to have stickery stems. Ooooh, don't want those! Pull them up! May have gotten a little carried away. Ornamental grass would be grass that you don't mow, right? Got some of that! And I have a bunch of these big-leaved plants. They're sunflowers, right? Time will tell.

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  1. It's good to get the heads of the children IN the picture Larry.

    Weeds, Kathy that's called a Nature Preserve. I have one in my back yard. If I wasn't so against nonindigineous (is that a word?)plants, I would send you some Virginia Trumpet Vine. It has over taken my garden and you can not kill it. It would cover your fense in no time.