Friday, August 14, 2009

40 years and counting....

It was the summer of '69, and a lot was going on. Heard that on the Today show the other morning. The topic was Woodstock, the event, the iconic photo, "where are they now?" and so on. A whole lot was going on for me. I got married, and less than a week later, I celebrated my 19th birthday. WOW! Now I'm turning 59, and Larry and I are into the 41st year looking for 50 (ya gotta have a goal!). It has been quite a ride. In 40 years we have only seriously approached dissolution once, which I have to believe if folks have clear unedited memories of their own relationships stands as a pretty good record. We got lucky. Different backgrounds, having known each other less than a year.... What were we thinking??? Whatever it was, it has worked out well. I could only wish equal good fortune to others. Though we have had disputes, we also have a wonderful son, the best thing ever in my life. I am currently reading Baldaci's new book, First Family, in which one character tells another, "...boys will mess with your heart and girls with your head." Not having raised a girl, I can't speak to that, but Brian clearly has my heart. I'm not sure what a "soulmate" is, but for 40 years, Larry has always been there for me. I can't say that of anyone else.

Lots of changes in 40 years! We have gotten older, wiser, heavier, grayer, and are missing important people from these photos. Our parents have all passed away, my Dad having been the last to go in January of 2007. We miss them. Truly have to stand on our own now. Larry and Steve have remained best friends, but Leslie and I have grown apart. Sad :(

Life is good. Working at the pharmacy, I see lots of older people caring for a spouse. I hope we can maintain good health. I was talking to Brian the other evening about living and working conditions, and he said, "Anyway, it's all temporary; enjoy it!" Pretty astute for a 30 year old. I'm going to try to live in the moment more.

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