Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cruisin': Day 3

We started day 3 with breakfast delivered to the room so we could eat on the balcony in jammies. I could get used to this, despite today's view of another ship. We could still watch boats going by between the ships from our vantage point on deck 10.

That picture of breakfast doesn't look so great. Whenever I go somewhere, the Loved One always asks, "What'd ya have to eat?" Sooooo, what if I take pictures of food? Can't wait to show him! It's playing in my head now...

"What'd ya have to eat?" he asked with genuine interest.

She whips out a stack of pictures.

"Alla this stuff," she replies smugly.

"What is it?"

"What's it look like?"

Just can't wait! He didn't want to come along; so, hey, stay home and eat your own cooking!

Well, I digress.... Back to the day's adventures. We caught the water taxi back to St. Marks.

Bellisimo! I can't wait to see brother Mike's pictures---he's got the expertise and the equipment. He's also got the sense of direction. My family members know how directionally challenged I am. Add to that disability the fact that I don't speak Italian and needed to get back to the ship before it sailed, and I decided to stick close to Mike as we ventured off into the city. There are areas not directly on canals, little piazzas that feature wells like this one in the square.

That would be Mike back there, not too far away from yours truly. We only had a few hours before needing to get back to the ship. Just such a beautiful place! Definitely not northeastern Oklahoma! I had taken over 150 pictures before we left Venezia, Italia. Come on over; I'll be happy to show you all of them!

Didn't get arrested; made it back to the ship! We went up to the top deck, deck 19, to take pictures during the sail away from Venice... offered a magnificent vantage point.

In the distance you'll see the Carnival cruise ship that was docked next to ours. Big, huh?

Extract from the Deck Log of the Ruby Princess:
8th October 2009- Venice, Italy
At 13:19 with all pre-departure checks satisfactorily completed, Ruby Princess slipped her moorings and maneuvered slowly astern. Turning at rest to Stb within the tight confines of the harbour the ship headed to the east, navigating through the narrow, shallow canal network towards the breakwater. We passed the "Piazza San Marco" to port at 13:53. Our pilot disembarked at 14:30, one nautical mile south of the breakwater in the Gulf of Venice. Courses were then set south-eastwards into the northern Adriatic sea, navigating between the many oil and gas rigs, down towards the Strait of Otranto.

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