Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

I'll get back to the cruise news after I recover from losing the entry for Rome. I had worked on it two different times, getting pictures uploaded and arranged with exposition, when POOF! It disappeared! GRRRRR! I will do it over, just not right away.

Both the "wild boys" in the woods and the "white guys" in the yard are happy to have passed Turkey Day without being consumed in holiday ritual. We had a great day hunting (some of us), cooking (others of us), and eating (all of us). Much to be thankful for in this year of Our Lord 2009.

Brian got this bad boy bright and early Thanksgiving morning.
Note the drop tine (funny looking antler thingy) by Brian's right hand--makes this buck special, but still dead. He had already gotten a doe on opening morning, so he is set for the year with two in the freezer. Yes, we are carnivores and eat what we kill. Larry had gotten a doe, and he got this guy during primitive firearms season.
Each guy has a lovely just-take-the-picture expression on his face. The trail cameras still show lots of activity on the place, more corn-fed squirrels than you are likely to find anywhere else. These were interesting shots...

I believe owl met rabbit or some other rodent here, and these two guy seem to have some sort of dispute going on....
The wild things are active, and we have added another domestic critter. Oz, Larry's retriever, has gotten too old to hunt, so we have added a female black Lab puppy. Talk about active! Ahhhh, the joys of housebreaking and other pleasantries. We have named her Sioux, the little black spot in this photo...
She is a whirling dervish for sure! At least they aren't wild puppies for long. I was also able to get a good picture of handsome son and lovely granddaughter over the holiday.

Well, gotta get out and take care of the manure goes on.
Next time, "Roaming Rome!"

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