Wednesday, February 3, 2010


15th October 2009- At Sea

At 03:59 Ruby Princess passed The Prime Meridian, ...the meridian at which longitude is defined to be 0 degrees.... Throughout the day we followed a southwesterly track where at 11:00 altered to a due west heading. At 18:30 this evening we had the engines ready and started to transit the Gibraltar strait....You could clearly see Africa on our port side and Europe on our starboard side. At approximately 19:00 we passed the rock of Gibraltar on our starboard side while transiting the strait at an average speed of 18.5 knots.

I can't believe I slept through the Prime Meridian! Just one more opportunity lost through the need for sleep. Oh,well.... My knee reminded me that I'm no longer young. Woke up to a re-injury of (thankfully) only one knee. Who knew that merely dancing on deck would have such repercussions? It turned out to be a sensory overload day. Too much food, too many people... No breakfast, pizza at 11ish, and time to get ready for class. Well, I definitely need to draw more. I can't seem to render an architectural wonder and transfer it to ridiculously expensive pastel paper and produce anything satisfactory. It's overwhelming!

I spent class time talking to Mike instead. He may be more convinced than ever that I'm a total head case, but I love that guy. He's so kind and such a good listener. He is most definitely on the list of the many blessings in my life.

Pizza again for dinner--couldn't face a dining room. Sensory overload! Seeing too much, eating too much, too many people. Just needed to chill... sooooo I watched a movie outdoors on deck as we sailed through the Straits of Gibraltar. Weird. Never thought that would be my experience. By the way, looked at the rock, and it didn't look like the Prudential commercial. Must have been a different angle.

Sufficiently recovered to go down to Club Fusion on 7 where Mike sang Karaoke, and Mike and Janet sang "All I Have to Do Is Dream." They're so cute! It was a good time, and I'm all better! Well, except for the knee. I'm not liking this whole aging thing!

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