Friday, May 7, 2010

What Happened?

Wow....I was just blogging along when days became weeks; weeks became months.... I fell off the edge of the blogosphere. The loved one had back problems followed by back surgery and recovery impeded by gout flareups ( how does one limp on both feet?) and a falling blood pressure episode. I discovered that taking care of all of the animals in the cold and dark after work was no fun.

Recovery celebration--- road trip to SC!

It was my first visit to a marshland... fascinating. I am a fan of author Pat Conroy, and visiting Brother Richard also gave me an opportunity to see the areas immortalized in some of the most beautiful prose I have ever read. We traveled in the RV to allow us to take 6 month old Sioux and keep her from shedding allergy stimulating dander around Dick's house. 1,100 miles of retrieving later, we arrived and parked behind Dick's garage.

Dick and Denise's lovely house is located in a marsh-bordering sub-division in Beaufort. The marsh is right across the street. There is a row of houses that backs up to a walking trail and a dock for residents' use.

Low tide= sand and marsh grass

High tide= salty water

A channel allows navigation, but a person had better know where he's going and keep an eye on the tides.

Low tide reveals oyster beds. Not quite the same as coastal oysters; smaller because they aren't in water all the time.

Live oaks, cabbage palms, and Spanish moss grace the walkway along the marsh.

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