Thursday, August 27, 2009

They're everywhere!

This year hasn't quite equaled the bumper crop of last year, but there certainly is no shortage of thistles. We're after 'em though! Just when ya think you've got 'em, more appear. Actually, they're not so easy to spot at a distance until they bloom. They are kinda pretty.
The purplish flowers are attractive--love the color, but, according to North American Wildlife, "It is against the law in 37 states to allow the Canada Thistle to grow on one's land." Yep, it's noxious.

Maybe this isn't a Canada Thistle; maybe it's an Okie Thistle. Maybe this isn't one of the 37 states; maybe there's a whole lot of lawlessness goin' on. Hmmmmmm....

Anyway, I'm acuttin' 'em! Don't want any more of them.

Now, a neighbor, who's a farmer, told Larry Loved One that once they bloom, it's too late to cut them; they'll come back anyway.

The guy said that the buds are actually seeds.


Now, my undergraduate major was English, not botany; but HUH? I thought the process went bud, bloom, seed in that order.
These buds have seeds in 'em? Seed, bud, bloom? Really???? Never would have thought this guy was into alternative, illegal crops, but what's he smokin'? I just don't believe it, and I'm cuttin' 'em if I see 'em.
And what the heck is this thing? I was riding down a trail on the estate hunting thistles and spotted this plant. I'm sure it's noxious. Never have seen one before and have only seen this one. I looked in North American Wildlife, but didn't find it. The Loved One says it's a Yellow Tower Flower Plant.


P.S. Shortly after I started the blog, I read Jeffrey Deaver's Roadside Crosses. Deaver is one of my favorite authors. Features a blogger...Kinda scary...made me think about a few things I should be careful of. Highly recommend anything by Jeffrey Deaver!


  1. Hahaha, I remember as a kid I always loved dandelions. I'm sure I'm not the only one but it just reminded me of it.

  2. Hey, Bruce!
    Dandelions are purty too...and edible I think. Never sampled 'em, but there're none in my yard which tells me that chickens, goats, and/or horses like 'em. However, I am pretty sure they are noxious!

  3. Hi Wandering Mind,

    I want to say thank you for your comment on my blog last week. I did reply to it, but I recently realized comment replies stay on our own blog, (I think), so I decided to try again on your blog instead. Anyway, thanks!